Physical health is deteriorated gradually and mental illnesses are inevitable with bad addictions. Many of us lose a good amount of money and time due to bad habits. Some struggle to keep their relationships intact and some lose their friendships.

We are not perfect. Let’s see how many types of secret cravings are there and what we can do to stop them.

1. Drugs

Narcotics is one of the most dangerous types of enslavement which directly destroys a human life. Rehabilitation is the best bet to overcome this poison and freedom has to be force-restricted to cut the body’s demand for drugs.

2. Addiction to Prostitutes

A dirty secret many men have. The oldest business in the history could possibly be the reason when a man is unable to run a house despite his average income. Professional consultations and a good network of friends may help minimize the urge.

3. Addiction to Prostitution

This is especially for the females who are in this trade to make quick bucks. Once they taste the blood, it becomes almost impossible for them to leave. Who likes $2000/month with hard-work, when this easy business makes 50K. I am not wise enough to give the advice to stop.

Moreover, countless good women are forced into this rough business with threats, mostly in poor and developing nations. Once again, I am unable to counsel in this matter. I am not any country’s government to implement restrictions.

4. Smoking and Chewable Tobacco Products (or similar items)

I don’t understand why all the governments of this world are still not banning these disgusting things which don’t have a single benefit but are extremely detrimental to anyone’s health with scientific proofs. Clearly, the administrations love the massive taxes raised with cigarettes and tobacco byproducts. A strong willpower and determination are essential to quit smoking and use of tobacco products.

5. Alcohol

Drinking is one of the most popular weaknesses known to man. Once you fall into this pit, it’s an uphill battle to master its control before it controls you. You must seek professional help if you are an alcoholic.

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