As spookier as it sounds…It is much spookier in reality.

White Lion House building

Located on the northwest corner of Chiang Mai, this luxurious palace is considered to be a haunted building which was built 20 years ago.

White Lion House Building

Many factors suggest it. The tycoon that brought this place was filthy rich and designed it so beautifully but went insane and chopped his entire family into pieces.

White Lion House interior

The tycoon was told before about the bad Feng Shui but he chose to ignore and hence the present scenario is the truth in itself.

The place is abandoned due to the superstitious beliefs in Thailand and spicing it up more, the history it holds.

White Lion House interior

Many local people or the adventurer explore this house and you would find graffiti uses on the walls.

The decor of white Lion House
White Lion House

The house is designed as a European style with sculptures inside and outside, glass panels with ornamental design on it. The house altogether is a beauty. ” A beauty not worth it.”

Broken window

The place is referred to as “White Lion House” because of the sculptures outside. It is known as “Jangmuarinnakarn House”.

Outside of White Lion House

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