It is considered to be a sacred dance form where the dancers perform in the premises of a Temple and are not shown to the tourists. Very trained dancers perform Wali and are said to be possessed by the Gods. This dance form is considered to be an offering to the Gods.

Legong Dance

Legong Dance form is a depiction of a story through the movements of the hands and feet and wonderful expressions. The story behind the dance is about a king who found his lost maiden Rangkesari and enslaves her.

Balih Balihan

It’s an amazing dance form that tells a romantic story or mythology through this dance form. It is performed before the tourists to showcase more about their culture and many tourists really enjoy watching it.


Performed on the grounds of the temple and also in front of the tourists, it’s a dance drama form that depicts the traditional importance of Bali. It is showcased mostly during rituals.


Barong is a very fascinating dance that portrays the fight between good and evil. The dancer in the Lion costume is known to be Barong while the evil witch is known as Rangda. Barong means “King of Spirits” or “Lord of the Forest” and “Magical Protector” of the villages. It’s a total depiction of a Balinese Mythology.

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It depicts the life experiences of humans in the kingdoms before. The dance is performed on temple grounds where masks of paper or wooden are worn and are popularly called “Mask Dance”.


You really will enjoy this dance form as you can join them too while dancing. It has bamboo music involved and is performed during the harvest.

Kecak Dance

.Kecak is a trance dance where men dance singing acapella with one piece of cloth on their body depicting Ramayana. Its also known as the “Fire Dance” and the tourists really love it.

Wayang Wong

It originated from Java and is popularized eventually in the whole of Indonesia which depicts the story from Mahabharata and Ramayana through dance.

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