1. You love to go for solo trips.

2. You love to do adventures like hiking , trekking , river rafting , paragliding etc.

3. Your social media pages are full with your travel photos.

4. You love taking photos of different and beautiful landscapes.

5. You save your money for travel.

6. You are a travel addict .

7. waking at home feels boring.

8. You love tasting foods from the different countries.

9. Booking flights gives you an immense pleasure.

10. Your daydream consists of ” what should be in my next travel bucket list “.

11. You love to make friends who love travelling more than you do.

12. You love searching for different travel destinations.

13. Your playlist consist of travel songs.

14. You are a packing pro.

15. when people ask about your hobbies , all your answers contains the word ” travel ” .

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