Bali is an attraction to tourists all over the world for its scenic beauty. It is a beautiful Island which offers stunning and amazing places. It is rich in its diversifies cultures and traditions.

But there are other fascinating facts about Bali that makes it very unique.


The Amazon of the Seas:

Bali is located in the Coral Triangle which shares waters from Indonesia, Phillippines, Malaysia, Solomon Island, Papua New Guinea and Timor, the Amazon of Seas. Due to the diversity of the insides of Water, Bali has an amazing marine life.

Coral Triangle
e life in Coral Triangle

Hinduism culture:

Balinese is rich in cultures and religion but the most popular is Hindu. The Rishis of India had formed Bali culture and they are prayed and respected in forms of Markandeya, Baradwaja, and Agastya.

Hindu Culture in Bali

Sister Volcanoes:

There are two Volcanoes namely, Mount Batur and Mount Agung. Mount Agung is considered as sacred in Bali. They build houses facing it and they sleep placing their head toward that direction. Even they consider it as their North.

Mount Agung
mount agung

Black Sand:

Often heard of the Black Sea, Red Sea. Bali has a black sand beach which comes from the eruption of volcano residues. You can enjoy the great contrast between the ocean and the land, appreciating its beauty.

Black sand beach

Bali Tourism:

Bali is a famous place for its tourism. It offers many beaches, Islands and temples, and sports, etc.

Bali tourism

Bamboo Chocolate Factory:

If you are a chocolate lover, then this factory is your heaven. A factory made up of Bamboo is inviting to many tourists for its fascinating Bamboo building and chocolates of course!

bamboo chocolate factory
Bamboo chocolate factory

Bali Calendar:

Even a year passes by quickly. A year which we consider it to be 365 days. Bali has a calendar known as Pawukon Calendar that has 210 days.

Silent Festival:

We plan parties and go for an amazing night-out in our New Year Party. Boozing or wishing friends. Dancing on the latest tracks, hitting the dance floor. Well, it is just nothing in Bali. Bali celebrates it’s new year day silently making the whole Bali as numb. No work, school..even no electricity and flights that day. Bali celebrates it as a “Silent Festival” called as “Neypi Day”

Nyepi Day in Bali

Kopi Luwak Coffee:

Are you an explorer in coffee? Bali is famous for the most expensive coffee that is Kopi Luwak, which is basically Civet Cat’s droppings. Amazing isn’t it? Paying fortunes to drink poop!

Kopi Luwak

Same Name:

Bali names their babies with just these four names: Wayan,  Made, Nyoman and Ketut. The order keeps repeating if you have more children. Just thinking.

“what if you have the same name as your husband/wife?

3-month baby:

Just like many beliefs, Bali people believe that their just born babies are guarded by guardian angels until they are four years and are not kept on the ground, and are carried for 3 months.

Teeth filing :

Another belief is anger, jealousy, desire, confusion, greed, and drunkenness might enter inside from the teeth. So they fill the teeth to protect themselves from it. “ Where are the dentists?”

teeth filing

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