Malaysia is a beautiful country located in South – East Asia with diversified ethnic groups and religions. It has some famous festivals.

The festivals are:-


It is celebrated on the full moon in the Tamil Month, mostly on February. It is a festival that depicts the defeat of the Soorapadman by Murugan and is marked as Murugan’s birthdate. It was originated as the destruction of the asuras (Demons) by the Devtas(deities).  Then came the time, when the deities found themselves powerless to kill the Demons and worshipped Shiva, who defeated every demon.

It is a grand festival where the devotees pierce themselves on the tongue and other parts to show their faith and prayers. The festival is celebrated in the Batu Caves.

A festival that needs to be witnessed in reality. Here I have posted a video.


Warning: It contains some disturbing sights.

Gawai Harvest Festival:

The Gawai Dayak festival is the national day for the Dayak community in Sarawak Malaysia. There are other ethnic groups that participate in this occasion. It is very grand for preparing food.

Tuak” is the traditional drink, a rice wine while cakes “Penganan Iri”. Meats or fish are gathered and are preserved in jars with salt and is roasted on firewood. For decoration of the house or the traditional dress, teeth, horns, etc are used.

The longhouse, used for worshipping is repaired and cleaned and are decorated using animal’s parts like horns and teeth, and some motifs. Traditional dress is worn on the arrival of guests known as “Nigepan”. And they also sacrifice or offer no-need things.

Gawai Harvest
Gawai Festival

Wesak Day

On this day, people celebrate Buddha’s life’s journey from birth to death. The Buddhists go to the temple early morning, meditate, or light candles and offer flowers, and donate or they walk up to the Malaysian Buddhist Association building to clean the statue of Buddha.

Wesak Day

Chinese New Year

It is a glorious event in the Chinese community that is observed with food preparations, house decorations, fireworks,  and lion and dragon dance, etc.

The Chinese year has 12 names of animals, given to each year, and hence follows the 12-year cycle. Red lanterns are hanged on the houses and cleaned for purity and money is offered to the unmarried relatives or the closed acquaintances.

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

Kaamatan Harvest Festival

It is a harvest festival that is celebrated in Sabah, Malaysia. It is observed by the ethnic groups known as Kadazan- Dusuns.  



A religious holiday among the Muslims. It is celebrated at the end of Ramadan, the fasting month where the Muslims don’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Eid is the starting of Shawwal. Prayers are offered in the open fields or halls. By a particular way of praying, known as Salat, that consists of two units and adding to it, six takbirs.

Rainforest World Music Festival, Kuching

It is a three-day celebration of music that is inspired to enjoy every corner’s beats in the world. Music like contemporary, classical and fusion, lots of instrumental music, etc is enjoyed. It is held in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. You can witness many music workshops, displays of arts and crafts and concerts too.

Rainforest music festival
rainforest music festival

 Independence Day

Also known as Hari Merdeka in Malaysian, celebrated on 31st August 1957, when the British handover their power over to Malaysia at Merdeka Square which is followed by the Malaysian citizens where they gather that time of the year and celebrate their independence with fireworks and parades.

Independence day Malaysia


A Hindu festival, known as “Festivals of Lights”, where Lord Rama and Sita returned from their exile of 14 years and the whole Ayodhya was lighted up to celebrate their return. It is a colorful festival among Local Hindus and other different races and religions. They light and decorate the temples, houses and certain places too. And make unlimited food like sweets, rice pudding, etc.

Deepavali in Malaysia

Dragon Boat

It is the competition of boat racing in the Teluk Balang Dam in Penang. Competitors come from various parts of South East Asia to compete and experience the biggest event there.

Dragon Boat

Mooncake Festival and Hungry Ghost

It is also called Yu lan and is celebrated by offering food to the ghosts.

Mooncake and hungry ghost
hungry ghost festival

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