Dubai is a land of skyscrapers, beaches, and deserts. It is extravagant and has the tallest tower in this world. Many of us want to visit there once in our life because of the many things that fascinate us about it. But people have certain misconceptions about Dubai that stops them from traveling there.


#The climate of Dubai is always Hot!

Yes, mostly hot throughout the year. The summers could be very intolerable yet it gets favorably cooler during the winters from December to March. You can also expect rain during that time. It would be a good time to go to Dubai. Pleasant!!

Dubai weather
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#Women must be covered from the head to toe

It isn’t necessary, however, women in Dubai wear the dress code to show respect to their culture and traditions. But it isn’t compulsory. While it is necessary to get dressed decently. So you could flaunt your lovely outfit! But decent it must be.

Women dress code

#Pork Ban

Based on Islamic Culture, Pork is strictly prohibited for Muslims. But it doesn’t mean that other religions are. You will find Pork in some selling area in Dubai. It is a complete myth that Pork is banned there.

Pork in Dubai

#The people in Dubai are all rich

Dubai might look exorbitant and luxurious. But it is not all. It isn’t a place where people sleep on a bed of money. There are different classes of people living in Dubai, working hard to make a living.

Middle class

#Alcohol is prohibited

Alcohol is not prohibited. You need to have a license to get it legally from certain places. Some restaurants have a license to offer you liquor. It is a complete myth. You can enjoy your drink as much as any other place.

Alcohol in Dubai

#Dubai forbids other religions.

Dubai is very welcoming to other religions as well. It has many temples, churches, etc. So every religion staying in Dubai can practice theirs and pray. You will find many beautiful religious places in Dubai.

Other religions

#Dubai water causes hair loss and skin problems

It was believed for a while which affected the number of visitors to Dubai. They checked the water quality and it was proved that there is no harmful chemical that leads to hair loss or skin problems. So you don’t have to worry about going bald!

Dubai Residant

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