Atuh Beach

It’s located on the South-Eastern coast of Nusa Penida Island is a breathtaking solitary beach with limestone cliffs and rocks around. You may try the challenging path through the rocky slope or the man-made stairs to get down to the Atuh Beach which is also known as Pantai Beach.

There are four rocky formations that add to the beauty namely Batu Melawang, Batu Abah, Batu Paon and Bukit Jineng.

You can have a relaxing time out here, reading a novel and lying on the beach. The beach is quite remote and not much crowded. It is not advisable to swim beyond the rocks. However, you can enjoy the marine life that you will be able to see.

Diamond Beach

It is a newly found treasure. It was not accessible until 2018 but now you can get there easily with the help of stairs.

It’s a wonderful beach with palm trees and rocks on a side. Walking on the white sand and enjoying the striking blue waters of the sea is such an experience.

But you should be careful as the waves may be snappier during high tides and are not advisable to go there and even swimming too.

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Broken Beach

It doesn’t give the impression of a beach but it’s quite unique due to the arch-like formation of the rock enabling the huge water waves into the gap.  The waves look very deadly from the top and it’s very deep.

Walk ahead to the Angel’s Billabong to swim in the natural pool. But be careful from the high tides, it can kill you too. The waves can reach up to as high as the cliff washing you away.

Photographers and travel bloggers can have a good opportunity clicking the 360-degree view of the scenery.

Tembeling Beach

Tembeling beach is one of the coolest beaches in Nusa Penida. It has a natural pool with forests surrounding the place and obviously the beach.

It is difficult to reach there for the bad roads leading to it. You may walk or ride a motorbike until you reach the stairs.

The forests are so beautiful with huge rocks around and the hanging trees and then going down through the jungle to the natural pool. The water is blue and you may enjoy the waters and relax a bit.

The beach here is not very much great for swimming but it’s a good view to witness the sunsets.

Suwehan Beach

It might take you a while but the beach is worth it. With stairs on the cliffs, you will find many people on the way but to your surprise, it is quite serene.

Just like other beaches in Nusa Penida, it also has turquoise blue waters and the sand and cliffs around.

Kelingking Beach

It is ranked second from the 25 best beaches in Asia and ranked 19 from the top 25 best beaches in the world.

Tourists definitely have it in their bucket list. It’s located in the village of Bunga Mekar. A beach with cliffs, the teal color of the vast ocean with white fine sand with a magnificent view.

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