Rojak or Rujak which means “mixture” is one of the national dishes in Singapore that contains the combo of fruits and vegetables.

Rojak Dish

The ingredients that are used- Vegetables, fruits, palm sugar, peanuts, and chili dressing.


There are many versions of it and is typically a vegetarian dish but for non-vegetarians, meat and seafood are added. The different varieties are Rujak Juhi. Rujak Shanghai, Rujak Soto, Rujak Petis, etc.

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How to make:-


Sesame Seeds


Shrimp Paste(dried)

Chili Peppers

Soy Sauce

Shrimp Paste




Green Apple




Roast the sesame seeds and nuts on a dry pan. Then toast the dry shrimp paste.

Blend the chili peppers and dried roasted shrimp paste to make a chili paste.

In a pan, add soy sauce or 1 cup, shrimp paste, water and sugar on medium heat and cook.

Add the chili paste and cook until thickens and cool it aside.

Cut all the fruits and vegetables and mix it with the sauce and garnish it with nuts and sesame seeds.

Your food is ready!!

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