Singapore is a country in south east Asia . It is one of the world’s most tax friendly country. Singapore is well known for its cuisines, night life, shopping , wildlife reserves , cleanliness and economic growth.

Here is a list of top wild life attractions to explore in Singapore.

1. Singapore zoo

Singapore zoo is the world’s famous zoo situated in Singapore . It is one of the most beautiful zoo in the world. It houses the largest captive colony of orangutans. It was awarded Travelers’ Choice Awards – Top 3 Zoos in the World, 2018 , Singapore Tourism Awards, 2017 and many more excellency awards.

This zoo is home to over 2800 animals considering 300 species of mammals , birds and reptiles such as orangutan , electric blue gecko , cotton top tamarins , brown lemur , leopard ,giraffe , lion and so on .

free ranging orangutan habitat in Singapore zoo
Electric blue gecko
cotton top Tamarins
Brown lemur

2. River safari

River safari is a Asia’s first river themed zoo and aquarium located in Singapore. This park boasts a tropical rain forest setting along with as river theme with various animal attractions. The main attractions to see in this park is river zones , Giant panda forest , Amazon river quest and squirrel monkey forest . It was won the best family attraction award by Tripzilla travel magazine in 2018 .

Boat journey along the amazon river will gives you an unforgettable experience
Giant panda forest
Squirrel monkey forest

This park is home to largest collections of aquatic animals such as catfish , manatees , piranha , stingrays etc.


3. Night safari

Night safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo . It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore . This zoo has a number of endangered species including Malayan tigers , Asian elephants , Malayan tapirs and Asian lions. If you are more adventurous person then you can option for walking trail into the park.

4. Jurong bird park

Jurong bird park is one of the most famous bird zoo in Singapore . It was awarded the Michelin 2 star rating in 2008 and many other excellency awards . Don’t miss the Waterfall Aviary, one of the world’s largest walk-in aviaries , there is also a flamingo lake which attracts most of the tourists.

Flamingo lake
waterfall Aviary

You will find more than 5000 colorful birds from 300 species in jurong bird park.

Rainbow lorikeet
Sun conure
Horn bill

5. Butterfly park and Insect kingdom

Butterfly park and insect kingdom is located in sentosa , Singapore . It is the most popular tourist attraction. This beautiful park has a collection of more than 50 species of butterflies and you can discover insects like stinging scorpions , huge beetles and much more.

6. Sea aquarium

Sea aquarium is located in sentosa. It is one of the largest aquarium in south east Asia. It contains 100,00 marine creatures. The aquarium has the world’s largest collection of manta rays, It also showcases 24 ind-pacific dolphins, clown fish,  hammerhead sharks, sea horse and many more.

Manta Ray
Indo-pacific dolphins
Clown fish
Hammerhead shark

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