Visiting Thailand ? Don’t forgot to try the authentic Bangkok street food.

Eating street food in Bangkok will not cost you much , A bag of fish cakes price is 20 baht which means less than $1, isn’t it awesome? Here is a list of 10 most popular street foods in Bangkok that will make you more hungry!

1. Gai Tod – Fried chicken

Gai tod or fried chicken is a popular street food in Bangkok . This delicious and crispy fried chicken is fully packed with spices.

2. Khao niaow ma muang – mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice is a one of the most popular Thai dessert made with glutinous rice , mango and coconut milk. Sticky rice and mango are the delectable combo which will make your mouth watery.

3. Thai Coconut Ice cream

Hey Ice cream lovers !! Want to try some different non dairy ice cream? then Thai coconut ice cream is a must try . This ice cream is made with fresh coconut cream served with mango and chopped peanuts.

4. Tod Mun Pla – fish cakes

Thai fish cakes are a delicious common street food in Bangkok .These insane fish cakes are made with fish paste , long beans , red curry paste and kaffir lime leaves.

5. Kluay Tod

Thai fried bananas or kluay tod is a popular dessert in Bangkok made from ripe bananas dipped in flour , then they deep fry those bananas for make it more crispy.

6. Khao phat – Thai fried rice

Khao phat or Thai fried rice is a flavorful street food prepared with jasmine rice with plenty of vegetables served with fish sauce , lime juice and fresh Thai chill’s.

7. Som tam – Green Papaya salad

Green papaya salad is a delicious and healthy Thai street food, its key ingredients mainly contains unripe papaya , long beans , lettuce ,cherry tomato’s , Thai red chill’s ,palm sugar , lime juice , fish sauce and peanuts.

8. Khanom buang – Crispy pancakes.

Khanom buang is one of the most popular dessert in Bangkok , these pancakes looks like a tacos. pancake batter is made with rice flour , egg whites and sugar its toppings mainly contains shredded coconut or chopped scallions.

9. Tom yum – seafood soup

Tom yum soup is a type of spicy ,sour and savory soup , loaded with shrimp . It is one of the popular soups in Bangkok . This full flavored soup is what you need to try when you visit Bangkok.

10 . Khanom Sod sai

khanom sod sai is a famous traditional steamed Thai dessert with a sweet filling sold in banana leafs. It is made with sticky rice flour , coconut and palm sugar. Definitely a must try!

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