All travelers regardless of their origin can now visit Iceland. A proof of previous infection and recovery of certification of vaccination (Covishield in India’s case) will even exempt one from providing a negative PCR test result. However, all travelers will be required undergo a COVID screening upon arrival, without any exceptions. Travelers will be required to undergo quarantine till one tasks another test five days later. If that test result comes negative your quarantine period will also end.


Its mandatory to carry a negative PCR test result to travel to Turkey. The test must have been conducted not more than 72 hours before boarding their flight. Also, travelers will have to undergo quarantine for 14 days.


Russia recently resumed flight operations in a move to revive its tourism industry. Travelers will, however be required to carry a negative RT-PCR test result, which must be issued not less than 72 hours before their arrival. Note, antibody tests will not be accepted.


Serbia’s door are also open for Indian travelers. But unlike most countries, where travelers are required to show a negative RT- PCR report, which is less than 72 hours older prior to boarding their flight, Serbia requires one to provide a report that is no older than 48 hours for entry.


Indians can now travel to Egypt although the number of flight to the country has been reduced. However, you will need to produce an RT- PCR test report that is not older than 72 hours prior to arrival. Travelers are expected to undergo quarantine at their place of stay till they receive a negative test result.


If you want to holiday in Uzbekistan this year, along with providing a negative RT- PCR test report that is not older than 72 hours prior to arrival, they will also be required to undergo quarantine for 14 days.

South- Africa

All you need to visit this destination is an RT- PCR test report, which should not be older than 72 hours to arrival. As per reports, if those arriving in South Africa fail to present their negative PCR test as the certification of proof, they will need to self- quarantine at their own expense.

Costa Rica

Indians now can travel to Costa Rica and will neither need a vaccination certificate or an RT-PCR test report. However, do note that travelers will have to fill out a health pass form upon arrival at the rainforest Central American country.


As per the reports, you can pack your bags after July 15, 2021 as the nation is gearing up to open to international travelers from July 15. Travelers will have to take a COVID test followed by a 14 days quarantine period to enjoy a vacation in Mauritius.

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