Phuket is an Island on the Andamans, having so many beautiful beaches with great nightlife, Spas, Resorts, Shopping areas, temples, Water sports and lastly Restaurants.

1. Black Ginger

It looks so much like an elegant hut but it is so extraordinarily marvelous with a monochromatic décor inside. And a huge chandelier on top that makes it a bit bigger in the insides. And the restaurant at the outside, with a view of the water, it looks like a luxurious boathouse.

Black Ginger
Black Ginger

2.Mom Tri’s Kitchen

Mom Tri’s Kitchen has a fine dining spot with stunning interiors that looks so much royal and elegant. It is like a royal palace standing on the rocks with an incredible view of the ocean.

There are large windows that let you enjoy the scenery from the inside too while on the outside, the experience is phenomenal. With the striking waves against the rocks, and the soothing feelings in between the trees around enhances your experience. The food is so classy and presentable with delicious cuisines like Blue crab, Salmon, Lobster, and Tuna, etc.. The varieties of wine of more than 750 labels.

Mom tri's

3.La Gritta Italian Restaurant

The restaurant gives a modern feel to us with its amazing décor. The color story is Black and white with a tinge of grey and with Yellow lights, shining the entire place. The glass panels on the boundary add a modern style to it. It also offers with a great landscape around with a light shade of mountains afar, with still water and the cruise. And some Italian menus like Salads, Appetisers, Risotto, Pizza, Pasta, etc. It also has wine options like white wine, red wine, rose wine, etc.

la gritta restaurant
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La gritta Italian
La Gritta Italian

4.Blue Elephant

It has a classic place, showing the traditions and novelties. Offering traditional food and also innovating it. It is like a royal palace with antique décor and homely at the same time, so graceful and grand, a mix of everything.  If you want to explore the ancient recipes, then it is the right place for you.

Blue Elephant
Blue Elephant

5. Acqua Restaurant

Acqua has a delicate feel to its place. It is so much like floral and white. The chandeliers, and the vases, and the plants around with white lighting make it so luxurious. And just like the place, it offers exquisite cuisines with so much color to it. The food looks so mouthwatering that you might feel bad to ruin the look of it. But you just can’t resist to taste it. With many foods it offers, there is Tuna tartar, and Scallops, etc.  These are some signature dishes that they offer. And then they have varieties of wines.

Acqua Restaurant

6.Joe’s Downstairs

The place looks like something that has emerged from the oceans. The place is so simple and classic. It is such a graceful place to be. Be it the day or night, this place gives you a different and amazing feeling. The turquoise and the white gels with the ocean and you just don’t want to leave the place. It is quite heavenly. The food is so light there like it offers seafood, grilled items, Salads and desserts and lastly, so many wines.

Joe's Downstairs

7.Ka Jok See

It is a Sino-Portuguese house. It looks so mystical because of the Masks and the candles and the vases which are used as an element in the décor. The dim lighting complements the environment there. Space is good for every group. But It is always so full that you might have to wait for a couple of hours for your turn. And no doubt, the food would be great. It is a place for a party and offers chicken, salad, spring rolls, etc.

Ka Jok See
Ka jok See

8.Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks provides a restaurant that has an oceanfront of different shades of Blue. You have a lounge and a bar. The place is more of a resort style and the food is inspired by Modern Mediterranean and Seafood. And of course the wine cellar. You can spend a romantic evening, dining on the rocks, enjoying the sunset view.

Kata Rocks
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Kata Rocks

9.Siam Supper Club

A chic dining place with a bar and it provides a good space for every kind of people. The menus include octopus, crabs, chicken, etc. It has a bar option with countless and delicious cocktails, wine, etc.

10.Sam’s Steak & Grill

A place famous for its Steak and is so fine place. It has lounge space, dining and there’s a wine cellar. You are going to enjoy the steaks there. It is yet another classy and exquisite place.

Sam's Steak and grill

I hope you explore these amazing restaurants in Phuket and have an enjoyable experience

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