An Island city like, with amazing waterfront and skyscrapers. Once a “sea town” famous for being a fishing village and seaport, It is now a land full of skyscrapers and is one of an attraction among tourists. It has the world’s largest bird park, diversifies culture and traditions, holding a population of Indians, Chinese, Malay, etc. with various religions. It has traditional temples and offers so much of adventures. A bit expensive but worth the visit. Take a look at the amazing places of Singapore.


Best Places to Visit:

Night Safari

Lots of adventures are not as interesting as exploring a forest. Often we do that in the day-time. Be it camping or a Safari. What makes it more interesting is at the night time. Most of the animals are active during those hours. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to go at the night time but the Night Safari in Singapore. It is an open air zoo that is home to Barking Deer, Binturong, Common Palm Civet, Fishing Cat, Indian Gharial , Roseate Spoonbill ,Hyena, Leopard ,Asian Elephant etc.

Night safari

Merlin Statue

The Merlion Statue is a half fish and half lion statue which is inspired by the fact that it was a fishing village and was referred as “sea town “ while the half lion depicts as The name of Singapore, “Singapura”, meaning “Singh” meaning “a lion”. It is an 8.6 metres tall statue splurting water and stands before the Marina Bay.

Merlion statue
Merlion statue


It isa place full of diversified culture. Enjoy the historic and traditional temples and architecture of Buddha tooth relic temple or Jamae Mosque or , Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple  . Explore the nightlife in Chinatown with food and Bars. Make new friends and taste the flavorful cuisines like Japanese noodle or the Indian Delicacies. It is a delight for the street hawker food lovers.Try out some activities like in Virtual Room Singapore.

China Town
China Town Streets
SINGAPORE – MARCH 5: Shoppers walking through Chinatown street on March 5 2013 in Singapore. The city state’s ethnic Chinese began settling in Chinatown circa 1820s.

Little India

Little India is home to the Indian community, which is like miniature of India, full of the traditions and cultures of India. Explore the different temples and Mosques along the streets or the colorful street ,portraying the colourful country, India. Melt into the mouthwatering aromas of India food. Enjoy the nightlife here. It also provides with reasonable accommodations.

Little India
Little India

Jurong Bird Park

 A wildlife reservoir situated in Jurong Hill that has 8000 birds of 600 species or more than that. It makes it be the largest bird park in the world. It was founded by Dr. Goh Keng  Swee, Minister of Finance. It is one of the many tourist attractions because of its serenity and the varied species of colorful and beautiful birds.

Jurong bird park
Jurong Bird Park

Universal studios:-

Universal Studious offers you with many rides and activities. A great place for the people who are into adventures, or family with kids. It is seven themed sections  and is a one-day tour.

Universal studios
Jurassic park in Universal Studious

Adventure Land:-

An enjoyable experience in the adventure land offering various 4D experiences, created with high technology.It had many like Desperados. 4-D digital effects during Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. ,4-D interactive shoot-out game—Desperados., etc. Go and have some fun!!!

Adventure Land

Cruise and Clark Quay:-

Enjoy the landscape of the Singapore from the cruise which will start from the Marina Bay , exploring the gardens of Bay which has different climate where In the cloud Forest it cool and humid while in the flower dom it is dry. .and then a calming time along the Clarke Quay with an amazing boat ride.  Looking at those different era of architectures and skyscrapers. Have lunch at the famous Rise Restaurant that provides a flavorful cuisine from Singapore, American and European tastes.

Garden of Bay
Garden of Bay
Clark Quay
Clark Quay
a quote
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If Singapore is a nanny state, then I am proud to have fostered one.

-Lee Kuan Yew

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