A place full of Skyscrapers and beauty, and is so amazing. Yet there are certain places that have supernatural stories to it that also make it famous. Many travelers around the world, go at night for a thrill. Many Paranormal investigators have experienced the unnatural feeling around such places that hold history and legends. Out of many, here are some few:

spooky city

Changi Old Beach Houses

“They still scream!”

Changi Old Beach House has a spine-chilling history. Many of the Chinese, who were against Japanese, were executed here during 1942.

changi old beach house

This place is now believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the dead Chinese who were executed.

changi old beach house

People say that they have heard screams and crying. And also headless bodies walking around.

Changi old beach house


“A ghost community”

A very beautiful place with ugly legends. It is so spooky and horrific that most of the flats remain empty.

There are many legends revolving around this place and one such legend which is mostly believed is a family where a husband and a wife had a 3-year old child. The husband had another affair leading to their divorce. To which, the wife committed suicide by jumping out of the window, of a height of 25 stories. After throwing her baby out of the window itself.


The husband tried to sell the apartment, failing to which, he moved in with his mistress and had another child. The baby was 3 years old when he claimed to see his older brother. And jumped out of the window that night.

There are many legends around there like a whole family committing suicide, etc.

Old Changi Hospital

“A hospital for ghosts”

changi hospital

We have watched so many horror movies taking place in palaces, abandoned houses and hospitals. One such hospital is known to be “Changi Hospital” is located in Singapore.

changi hospital

The hospital is now empty and has an eeriness feeling to it. You could see the place is nothing more than a bunker, a white building with grown vegetation around but is home to many evil spirits.

changi hospital

It was built in 1935 to serve the British Royal Air Force but later taken over by Japanese to torture British soldiers.

changi hospital

Later, It came to use after Singapore gained Independence and eventually turned into a haunted place.

People have claimed of seeing shadows, screaming of Soldiers and apparitions too.

changi hospital

East Coast Yellow Tower

“Ill- fated life of a girl”

A couple who were having a great time at the Amber Beacon Tower when they were suddenly attacked by a gang.

East Coast tower
Morning Exercises at East Coast Park, All Rights Reserved.

Fortunately, the guy survived but the girl died. It is said that the girl was gang-raped and was stabbed to death.

East Coast tower

Locals claim that they have witnessed a shadow- like figure of a female who guards the tower.

East Coast tower

Paranormal Investigators have also investigated the place and said that they have communicated with the ghost of the tower for an hour where she is sad because of her “ill-fated life”.

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