Indonesia rides the equator between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The island is enriched with various ethnicities, religion and culture. So, if you are travelling to Indonesia you should know little about their culture. So, that your trip to Indonesia will be memorable and fascinating. Here are some tips that might help you when you visit Indonesia for the first time.


  • Smile and be amiable

Indonesian people are very friendly in general. They love to smile even for strangers. So, you can give a smile whenever you see a native Indonesian. This shows that you respect them.

  • Bargain while doing Shopping

It is quite usual to bargain in Indonesia. So you can easily try that while shopping at a local market but try bargaining from half of the real price.

  • When meeting strangers call them Mbak or Mas

If you greet someone you don’t know, call him “Mas” for male one or call her “Mbak” for female one. These remarks are very common in Indonesia.

  • Take care of your belongings

Indonesia too has crime rate like anywhere else. So be cautious! Put all your belongings in one place and keep an eye on it.

  • Shake hand

Whenever you introduce yourself to someone in Indonesia, don’t forget to do a handshake. They prefer right hand for a handshake. So, make sure of that and leave a good impression.


  • Pointing someone with your index finger

People of Indonesia feel offended if you point your finger towards them as they think it is rude if you point finger.

  • Spit in Public place

Spitting in public in Indonesia is considered very wrong.

  • Kissing or public display of affection

In Indonesia it is considered as taboo if you show your affection towards your beloved one. People stare at you weirdly. It will surely make you uncomfortable, so in order to avoid this do it in your private room.

  • Wearing too sexy dress

People of Indonesia have little orthodox mentality. So, whenever you visit Indonesia do not wear clothes which shows too much of your skin, wear something which covers your body. Like- Trousers-shirt and long short pants etc.

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